Picture by Hugo Rompa

Picture by Hugo Rompa

“Serierse’s control of her voice was impressive, but furhermore she sensed so beautifully where to sing, where not; where the atmosphere asked for more warm, soft colours, and when more powerful outbursts where needed.” – JazzNu

Anna Serierse (1993) is one of Holland’s upcoming Dutch jazz vocalists. From a very early age it was clear that she wanted pursue a career in music, while growing up in a musical household. Listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker and big bands like the Count Basie Orchestra and the Dutch Skymasters, she immersed herself with the jazz tradition.

During her bachelor studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam (2013-2017) she formed a quartet with Gijs Idema, Cas Jiskoot and Tim Hennekes. They started out arranging known and unknown jazz standards. Currently they are also playing their own compositions. The band is described as a unity that paints in broad strokes with a strong sense for freedom, melody, rhythm and form. They will record their debut album in January 2020.

 At the same time Serierse became a part of the vocal section of the Nationaal Jeugd Jazz Orkest (NJJO), Holland’s most prestigious youth big band, led by Buma Boy Edgar prize winner Martin Fondse. His ideology of the sheet music being the non binding guidance from where the musicians can portray their own ideas in his pieces nurtured Anna’s feeling of being free.

Serierse finished her bachelor studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with a 9.5 and honors. After this she started the EUJAM master, a special program where students get the opportunity to study in three different schools in Europe. For this Serierse studied in Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Trondheim, where she worked with great Scandinavian artists like Jakob Anderskov, Kirsti Huke and Espen Berg. She finished her master in Amsterdam with a 9,5.

 Serierse’s master research focused on the use of different vowels to blend with different instruments as a vocalist in an instrumental setting, seen from the perspective of great jazz vocalist Norma Winstone, with whom Anna spent time during the summer of 2018. The way Winstone portrayed herself as a singing sidewoman inspired Anna deeply. It evolved the instrumental use of her voice, adding different colors and sounds to the music.

 For Serierse the most important things are communication and connection. Connecting with the musicians she shares the stage with, as well as with the people she sings for. While communicating through melodies, lyrics and wordless improvisations, Anna strives to create an intimate atmosphere during her concerts.

Over de past years Serierse has been very fortunate to play with lots of different bands and ensembles, as a front- and sidewoman. She is equally at home with the traditional jazz repertoire, contemporary jazz and free improvisation as well as Brazilian music, performing with small groups, larger ensembles, orchestras and bigbands. Serierse has been performing at well known festivals and venues like North Sea Jazz Festival, InJazz, Bimhuis, TivoliVredenburg and LantarenVenster. Recently she played concerts in countries such as Germany, Norway, Denmark, England, France and China.

Besides performing with her own quartet, Anna is currently working intensively with the Kika Sprangers Quintet/Large Ensemble. They recorded their debut album Human Traits, which will be released September 20th  2019 at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. She is also the lead soprano in the international vocal bigband Touché. From June 2019 Anna will be a part of children’s theatre play “Ontspoking”, together with dance group De Stilte, Martin Fondse and vocalists Marit van der Lei and Sanne Rambags.

Together with guitarist Durk Hijma, Anna performs regularly in old people’s homes as a part of Stichting Muziek in Huis.

From 2020 Anna will be teaching at the Junior Jazz College, part of the Conservatory of Amsterdam.